By | May 28, 2013
Star Trek Online Zen Generator

Watch Video [Click HD and fullscreen for best quality]:

Download ZEN GENERATOR for Star Trek Online game:

Download Star Trek Online ZEN generator from the link below:

License / Price: Free/Sponsored Locked Link
Operating System: Windows All

How To Use ZEN GENERATOR for Star Trek Online:

1. Run the application and type your username and Connect
2. Type amount of Star Trek Online ZEN you wish to generate and click Generate

Wait for the application to finish. Your generated Star Trek Online ZEN will be in your account in 1-5 minutes. Enjoy.

More information about our Star Trek Online Zen Hack:
– It uses a stealth algoritm to generate free ZEN for you and it’s undetectable.
– It works very fast.
– It’s available for free download.


Download ZEN GENERATOR for Star Trek Online game:


7 thoughts on “Star Trek Online ZEN – FREE ZEN GENERATOR

  1. Kiri

    I bought a new B’rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit using this hack

  2. PrKillerJr

    Or when it says username you mean the name you log in with or the name that shows on the forums and has your handle in game?

  3. Jemmy

    Yeah it works good amigo. Go for it while it still works.

  4. poody

    Make sure you do not generate more than 10,000 ZEN within a 24-hour period, my account got banned doing so, just make sure you stay within the limits. Thanks

  5. zach ryan

    you have to complete a survey but it is 100% working

  6. Michael

    This is the most coolest tool I have ever seen. Still can’t believe how easy it is to use.

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